Deja vu

Imagine me as something else. Not a human, not a human but a handiwork of physics. Imagine me made of cogs and wires, metal and precision, impartial and neutral and brutal. All mechanics. Imagine yourself as well, because we have all the time in the universe, as something with hands and feet and teeth. Imagine... Continue Reading →



Do you remember my mouth, an open wound; I bleed words from it for days and days on end, only to stitch my lips back together whenever the memory crawls back under my skin: of two pairs of starlit eyes gazing into miles and miles of silence, permeated with all the things that were never... Continue Reading →


I am but I am not nothingness. I don’t have a soul, yes, neither do I have a heart, but I break. This is not failure. I am But I am not human. It is you, It is I (who is not me, not quite) suspended in the endless black. And by that I don’t... Continue Reading →

V e n d e t t a

Voice chipped, it doesn’t matter, you and I speak in fragments. Eyes fading away, we still see the fragile bones bending under the weight of wonder, And what if I wanted to be revolution? What if we could become a symbol, an idea that persists, what if we could become something a little less breakable?... Continue Reading →

Lost Harbor  

Slender arms, preening sparrows, funeral flowers, varicose veins, a bleached heart. I hide them in my closet alongside the bones of the sea, and the fractured light rays of the star they once called the sun. On the shelf where I keep my broken eyelashes and a wasteland of tears. And sometimes I fly, sometimes... Continue Reading →


I do a lot of breathing these days,  I seem to have become an almost invisible  silhouette fluttering  in the wind (who is leaching out my color  but you wouldn’t notice it  if you don’t look closely enough)  on some days I try to exist as thought, as epiphany, as wisdom but being wisdom takes ... Continue Reading →

Our shattered gravity 

Let go of their hands, they are not helping you become what you are, they are forcing you into something else, they are bending you to their content, wouldn't you rather break all at once instead?  Life is a lesson of letting go. Because in the end you have to let go of the life... Continue Reading →

If you have enough color in you

I don't know what this is that feels like homesickness when I know for certain that I cannot long for the pink, green, blue, red, purple walls. The off-white, brown, cream, pastel tiles. The nights that are afraid of darkness, the days that are scared of light. Why I break halfway through. Never wholly. Never... Continue Reading →

After Voice 

Our world, it has stopped spinning. The oceans, they have stopped moving. Breath after breath / I have lost count of how much loss I have gained. I wander in circles and I twirl on my own axis. Gravity had stopped existing years before I came into being and I have never known what it... Continue Reading →

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